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4-star house establishment,
5-star location

Our guests appreciate this proximity to the mountain and the opportunity to ski or not ski as their mood dictates. We are always gratified to hear again and again how much our guests enjoy the distinctive cosy Jägerhof atmosphere. Wonderful dining spaces and the scent of Swiss pine are an abiding part of life here, as are the spacious rooms and lovely spa area. And few can resist the delightful surprises conjured up by the Jägerhof's kitchen.

Just one more reason to look forward to your holiday at the Jägerhof.

Special Deals

Guests come to the Jägerhof to feel welcome and embraced, and to enjoy our many included services. It's just another fine benefit of choosing to stay at our 4-star hotel
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The Jägerhof, with its unique range of included services, is dedicated to making you feel good...


A relaxed atmosphere, with cosy rooms that combine the beautiful and the practical. You’ll feel awake and refreshed after a night in the comfortable rooms at the 4-star Hotel Jägerhof in Zams.
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Spa Area

Relax and revitalize in our multi-feature swimming pool. The wonderfully scented Swiss pine and chamomile saunas each transport you to the best of Finnish sauna culture.
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Let your spirit rejoice

spa oasis.

Revitalize mind and body
with blissful peace.

Our rooms

Take a deep breath and forget about everyday life
in our cosy rooms.

Enjoy the good life at the Jägerhof
at the heart of the Venet ski region.


Browse our special offers and
book your favourite directly.


Explore our diverse range of packages
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Spa treatments in Tyrol

Rest and relaxation await in our spacious spa area. One highlight is the new outdoor pool with a large wellness garden featuring your choice of sunny or shady spots to repose during the warm times of year.

Let yourself float freely in our multi-sensory swimming pool. The wonderfully scented Swiss pine and chamomile saunas each transport you to the best of Finnish sauna culture. Our herbal steam and Turkish steam baths use healthful scents to combine warmth, water and wellness. There's no better place to switch off. After a few days, you’ll understand just how fantastically lovely it is to stay with us at the Jägerhof!

Children Learn Skiing Free

Family holidays
at Hotel Jägerhof.

Families love the Venet ski resort. For Jägerhof guests, it is naturally a huge plus that the railway, ski school and ski hire are just steps from the hotel. The ski resort itself is of a manageable size, ideal for beginners. But Venet also has plenty in store for those who enjoy a more athletic challenge. While the kids take ski lessons, mama and papa can head off on their own adventure — with the option...

Children Learn Skiing Free * in January and March

Culinary delights
at the Jägerhof.

Regional delicacies
and first-class Austrian wines